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Cement Waste Cleaner

It is an acid-containing liquid cleaning agent for cleaning the residues of cementitious mortar, paint, gypsum and grouting on the surface of acid-resistant coating materials.

  • Cement Waste Cleaner

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• Indoor and outdoors,
• Horizontal and vertical surfaces,
• After application, it is used for cleaning of tiles, ceramics, granite ceramics, clinker, kotto, rustic flooring, matt natural stone and artificial stone floors.
• It is corrosive since it contains acid. It should not be used on natural granite, marble, natural stone or special glazed mosaic floors and metals as it will remove its brightness.

► Stain and Dirt Remover
► Acid Contained
► Indoors and Outdoors
► Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces
► Easy To Apply
► Economic

> Transparent

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