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Cement based floor and wall granite adhesive mortar with high performance, reduced slip property.

  • C2TES1 white

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It gives excellent results; • Horizontal and vertical applications in indoor and outdoor,
• Bonding of ceramic, granite, marble, porcelain, natural stone, glass mosaic and pressed bricks to cement based surfaces subject to temperature differences,
• After priming the surfaces affected by temperature changes such as gypsum-plaster board, gypsum-plaster, heat-gas concrete with Termatect Plaster , bonding of ceramic, granite, marble, natural stone and glass mosaic on it,
• In wet areas such as swimming pools, water tanks, bathrooms, etc, floor heating floors, heated pools, thermal pools, swimming pools where water is not drained in winter,
• Wall and floor coverings of cold storage depots,
• In ceramic and granite bonding works on the facades of buildings, renovation and repair works, and ceramic bonding works on ceramics.

► Cement Based
► Horizontal, Vertical Surfaces
► High Adhesion Strength
► Suitable for Heavy Pedestrian Traffic
► Flexible
► Low Consumption

> Grey / White
> Public Works Pos No: 04.013/1, 04.013/4

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