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Antibacterial Solution 10LT

It is a cleaner biological solution against organic formations formed on mineral surfaces on indoor and outdoor surfaces such as mold, fungus and moss.

  • Antibacterial Solution 10lt

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• It is used for cleaning of organic formations on all mineral based indoor and outdoor facades.
• Indoor and outdoor,
• Horizontal and vertical surfaces,
• Bright or matt surfaces,
• Parquet and lamparquet floor,
• It is used for cleaning stubborn stains such as oil, coffee, tea, ink, wine and fruit juice that may occur on the coating materials such as ceramics, granite ceramics, clinker, kotto, natural stone, marble and granite.

► Stain and Dirt Remover
► Antibacterial Solution
► Indoors and Outdoors
► Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces
► Easy To Apply
► Economic

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