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LATEX opaq 5kg adhesion promoter concrete and mortar additive
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LATEX opaq 5kg adhesion promoter concrete and mortar additive

LATEX opaq 5kg adhesion promoter concrete and mortar additive

It is a multi-purpose, adhesive liquid synthetic rubber emulsion which is added to increase the adherence and water impermeability of cementitious mortars.

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• Indoors-outdoors, vertical and horizontal applications,
• Mortars, plaster and screeds.
• It is used as adherence additive in mortars prepared for repair purposes.
In Plaster Mortars
It is used as adherence and water impermeability promoter additive in internal and external plasters of reinforced concrete silos, water tanks, pools, treatment plants. Polymer Cement Concrete Primer in Screeds
It is used to prevent cold joint formation and increase adherence in new concrete or screed applications on old concrete. In screeds
For obtaining high adherence and non-cracking surfaces even on 2 cm thick screeds; for increasing water impermeability and against dust, cracking on industrial floors, it is used together with high water reducing super plasticizer concrete admixture. In Coating Mortars
It is used as an additive in order not to be affected by the freez-thaw cycle of the mortars prepared for laying natural stone, brick and tile plates in outdoor areas. In Rough Rendering Preparation
It is used to increase adherence in the rough rendering before the application of plaster and ceramic on concrete or aerated concrete surfaces with smooth surface finish.

► On Glassy and Ceramic Surfaces
► High Adhesion Strength
► Very Flexible
► Water and Frost Resistant
► Wear Resistant
► Low Consumption

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> Public Works Pos No: 04.613/11

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