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Quick setting Grout Mortar (10-50mm)

It is a cement-based, single component, non-shrink, flowable consistency, quick setting, high strength self-consolidating grout mortar which is specially prepared without decomposition and perspiration.

  • Quick setting Grout Mortar (10-50mm)

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• For raising manhole, storm drain covers,
• Mounting of curbstone and kerb,
• For fixing the poles,
• For fixing the machine feet,
• Repair of field concretes, aircraft and helicopter runways,
• For repairs that will be opened quickly and where high strength is required,
• For combination of the prefabricated concrete elements,
• Filling the gaps in hard-to-reach places,
• Fill the gaps around the pipes and components of the installation.

► Cement Based
► Indoors and Outdoors
► High Adhesion Strength
► Water and Frost Resistant
► Easy To Apply
► Low Consumption

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