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SELF GROUT mortar 3 component (RAL) 15kg

Epoxy resin based, three component, solvent free special graded, containing quartz aggregate,self-consolidating grout mortar.

  • SELF GROUT (RAL) 15kg

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• It is a self-spreading, flowable epoxy casting mortar that can be applied on concrete, stone, mortar, steel, aluminum, asbestos cement, polyester, wood and epoxy based materials.
• It is used in machine foundations, anchoring works, fixing of roadside barriers, support and connection elements, crane rails, bridge supports.

► Epoxy Resin Based
► Three Component
► Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces
► Thixotropic
► Chemical Resistant
► Water and Gas Impermeable

> Ral
> Public Works Pos No: 04.613/8b

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