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Surface Hardener Q & Corundum K

It is a abrasion resistant, powder surface hardener consisting of a mixture of special type cement, high quality corundum aggregate and performance enhancing chemical additives applied monolithically to fresh concrete surfaces. Used against light, medium and heavy loads.

  • Surface Hardener Q & Corundum K

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• It is designed to be used in applications where the floor is exposed to medium and heavy traffic, to provide permanence and when dust-free surfaces are required. It will improve and increase the performance of all concrete surfaces.
• In workshops,
• In energy stations,
• In garages,
• In the park,
• In warehouses,
• Loading ramps,
• In Factory
• In shipyards,
• In aircraft hangars,
• In car wash places,
• Used on helicopter tracks.

► Cement Based, Corundum Aggregate
► High Adhesion Strength
► Indoors and Outdoors
► Suitable for Heavy Pedestrian Traffic
► Easy To Apply
► Low Consumption

> Natural Grey / Red / Green

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